Party Rental Items You Can’t Live Without

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Every occasion needs party rentals items such as chairs and tables, but these things don’t have to be boring. Adding imagination and variety when picking these items is a simple method to improve your event design and make your event stick out! At 24 Hours Party Rental, you will discover a range of cocktail tables, [...]

How To Throw A Special Romantic Dinner Party For Two

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Going to a restaurant is an excellent solution to know each other in a romantic environment, but it turns out that there are some points that do not fit in this scenery like a flower arrangement for example. When we want to set up for a special romantic dinner in an exact date or anniversary, [...]

A Wedding Unique In Its Own Class

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The moment most important in the life of a woman has come. The bells of the church are ringing. The whispers of birds are sounded. Two souls are smiling one to each other. The spring shines on every petal of a flower. Children are playing. Wait a minute! Children are playing? According to the script, [...]

Throwing a Graduation Celebration

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Time flies, and we do not realize how fast our children grow up. It is the first birthday, and then without timing, we can see that our baby is getting out of kindergarten towards primary school. After an unperceived time, we see him/her achieve his/her goal from middle school, high school and preparatory for the [...]

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Tent

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Tent Rentals Miami has the best tents, but the different types and styles make for a complicated day. People have many questions and worries a webpage cannot answer so how do customers find the right answers. Well, they come to Party Rentals Miami, and we push them in the correct way to making a fantastic [...]

How To Throw an Inflatable Castle Party

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Like having a grin on your face then a Bounce House Rental Miami birthday celebrations is what the doctor ordered to get the happiness going. Individuals like to combine a traditional party and make them into huge events. An inflatable castle can make your celebration more enjoyable, and the best news is not only for [...]

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids and Adults

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Miami Party Rentals employees adore this time of year. The summer’s warmth is gone, and the leaves are beginning to change color. Plus it’s the start of 3 months of parties, for example, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Well, aren’t we forgetting a scary celebration? Oh yeah, Halloween is right around the corner too! Most Halloween celebration [...]

There’s Always a Good Reason To Party

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Monday, noooo! It is just the beginning of the week. Tuesday is the second day of the week! Well, working is hard but dignifying. When Friday or Saturday is close, everybody tends to smile ear to ear because days-off are coming. This means a party! Many people feast for a specific purpose, but don't you [...]

Water Slide Party Ideas

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Since its roots, the inflatables industry has grown steadily and now rent unusual items like bounce houses, and water slides for parties through Party Rental Miami merchants. These wholesalers look after all of the equipment needs and set up while all you have to supply is the water. Your summertime can include much fun in [...]

Cool Off Through Summer With Your Pool Party

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Summer is almost gone but Miami's heat is always here to stay so let's finish off the summer right and cool off with a pool party. Party rentals in Miami will help by bringing the best equipment money can buy and water type inflatables that will keep the guest entertain. Mostly when the day’s heat [...]