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Bounce House Rentals

Bring the Party to Your House This Year with a Bounce House!

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Bounce houses are among the most popular back yard party amusements for a reason—kids love them and the adults love them too. When you think about it, is there anything better for a party-load of kids who have just eaten more sugar than you might eat in a month, than a towering outdoor playroom with a thick, inflatable, bouncy, floor, padded walls, and their favorite TV character emblazoned across the front and top of it?

Inflatable Bounce Houses Rentals | Miami Dade * Broward County

Can you hear the shouts of joy and all the laughter coming from the back yard? Did you know that an inflatable bounce house is nearly indestructible and that they are a fun rain or shine? That makes them ideal for almost any kind of out party or event in South Florida.


Cartoon Character Bounce Houses

Winnie the Pooh
Speed Racer
Little Mermaid
Disney Princess
Sponge Bob


Adventure Bounce Houses:

Big Foot
Sports Arena
Rainbow Castle
Car Race


And many, many more. Click Here to View Our Full Selection

24 Hour Party Rental does more than rent bounce houses, though. From our Miami location, we also have a full selection of wet and dry inflatable slides that can be used in conjunction with our bounce houses, as well as tents, decorations, and mechanical slides. Call 24 Hours Party Rental today to find out more.


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