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Affordable Champagne cocktails fountain for Rent.

Rent this spectacular Champagne Cocktails fountain. Great for Champagne, drinks or cocktail, is illuminated. You can have it in a meeting and show your guests, what you are really authentic. This tool allows you to have a source continuously serving drink that will give a touch of elegance to your meetings or gatherings. The source pumps the liquid beverage from the base thereof to the top cascading to go to lower levels. This fountain beverage can hold up to 3.2 liters and has a height of 50 cm. The diameter of the largest plate is 30 cm and weighs 1.8 kg.

Benefits of cocktails fountain.

This spectacular light source called a lot of attention to your guests with its fantastic LED lighting on your cocktail. Prepare combination you can think cocktails to taste and enjoy. Perfect for birthdays, weddings and bachelor parties or special events in general is ideal for fashion events product. The Source for Cocktail you can keep pouring any drink you want, either sangria, cocktails and spirits and have an original way to serve the drink.

Font features for cocktails:

Has the following features: a back lit LED lights base, the source is made up of 3 courses, carries an AC adapter. Inclusive and includes 6 beautiful glasses to make the perfect combination around your source, allowing your guests serve a delicious drink.

We guarantee that your party or event will be a success with our Champagne Cocktails fountain. It is a great addition that adds, class, and style. Even adding a hint of exclusivity.

Miami is a city of Class and Style. Make your party the very best with our Champagne Cocktails fountain at an affordable price. For more information, pricing or to rent call us at 305-300-4940. We offer 30 minute delivery and 10 minute set up with installation.