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Great selection of Chocolate Fountain Machine for Rent.

Beautiful waterfall of delicious chocolate accompanied by the most delicious sandwiches will make your event the best. The chocolate fountain besides being a pleasure for the palate provide a fun atmosphere and elegance pretending to you and your wonderful guests moments you will always remember.

You can enjoy with different flavors such as strawberries, pineapple, chocolates, apples, bananas, grapes, crackers, Kiwi Mango, watermelon

We have two sources of chocolates:

Commercial chocolate fountains 23-44 inches.
Chocolate Fountains semi-industrial 16-19 inches.[nggallery id=6]

Using a chocolate fountain.
Chocolate fountains can be a great addition to any party. They provide the opportunity to offer a wide selection of desserts that appeal to different tastes. By learning to use the chocolate fountain you will ensure their full potential. Consider the following useful steps when preparing your chocolate fountain.

Use a Chocolate Fountain Machine Step 1

Mount the source of chocolate as instructed by the manual. Wash the parts before assembly. The bigger you are, the dishes have to be cleaned. Before pouring the liquid chocolate in the main bowl of the fountain, make a test run without chocolate to avoid later reassemble all the pieces full of chocolate.
* Use a Chocolate Fountain Machine Step 2.
Melt the chocolate either in a microwave or in a fire, depending on the instructions. For sources of chocolates you need a special chocolate, which owns 20% more cocoa butter content. Follow the instructions when you prepare the chocolate for cooking not too much or burn. When the chocolate is ready, pour it into the center column. Again, follow the instructions in the manual to find out what is the right amount.

Use a Chocolate Fountain Machine Step three.

Leveling source and turn it on. The chocolate will rise by the central column and pour on different levels to the base of the fountain, where it will be pumped by the central column again and so on.

Use a Chocolate Fountain Machine Step 4.

Prepare chocolate accompaniments. Some ideas are cake, dry peach, banana slices and strawberries. Washed dried fruit to the chocolate paste. Be sure to cut the fixings into individual pieces that can be put directly into the mouth.

Use a Chocolate Fountain machine Step 5.

Place skewers, plates and napkins close so your guests can serve. You must have skewers and serving utensils for each of your guests so that they do not share. Guests can place a selection of dishes and accompaniments then punch each piece and keep it below the chocolate before eating. Note that the area around the fountain and the chocolate mess drip when your guests serve themselves.

Use a Chocolate Fountain Step 6.

Begins to dip accompaniments. Enjoy them!

Use a Chocolate Fountain Step 7.

Clean the chocolate fountain in the dishwasher or with a soft sponge and soap. Check the user manual to find out what is the best way to wash your chocolate fountain.