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Our organization of corporate events, product launches, brand activation, conferences, forums, exhibitions, conventions and big events, represents an opportunity for us to serve our clients to challenge the creativity and innovation and at the same time, create jobs and generate generous source of income.
This is a turn that requires constant training, ability to work under pressure, strong customer service orientation, wit and knowledge of an industry that caters to the same business and corporate, that universities and government institutions.

we offer services that range from the sets, audio and video projection, laser and 3D mapping -projection to modify surfaces such as walls or ceilings- to special effects, 3D animation, lighting, stands and furniture. The important thing is that we have a letter of innovative customer services to ensure punctuality, professionalism and safety for the realization of your event.
We have a growing sector producing event agency has multiple opportunities in the market, not only among corporate sectors but also between developing and communities in search of forums for dialogue.

What industries are organizing more events? Pharmaceutical, automotive and consumer goods, but there are interesting opportunities in the corporate, educational, religious niche, and even in the government sector. Another sector that is constantly growing, is the organization of exhibitions and fairs

we seek market niches that have not been explored, or different geographic locations to avoid saturating the market. The exhibition industry has grown exponentially in recent years which has led to greater competition, a situation that is good except that the market is saturated

As we can see, there is a huge market for providing services of organizing events. The important thing is to identify a segment and, from this, develop a differentiated product that meets consumer needs.

Do we have the profile?

To jump-start an organizing corporate events agency a very definite and entrepreneurial profile required, thus often you have to labor long days under heavy pressure. “We have a lot of passion and commitment. no wrong; we are specific and fulfill at all costs. This generated us a good reputation, long-term relationships with our customers so that our payments out on time and in good shape ”

ours services company specializing in 3D animation, audio, branding, closed circuit, creative concept, design, laser mapping, pyrotechnics, watch out -projection 3D large-scale buildings-monuments, stands, structure, set design, production and video production for presentations, conventions, conferences, plenary meetings, product launches, pavilions and stands, says the key to success is to make things look as perfect as possible, always exceeding the expectations of customers.

we are the largest audiovisual production, the best alternative for our customers, building trust through our commitment, passion, responsibility, punctuality and innovation “, our company has more than 12 years in the market.

we offer a portfolio of services that meet from audio, video, lighting, furniture, decoration, stands, stage, photography, display, graphic design, fully armed to shows and performances. It’s kind of all in one.

24 hours is a party rental company organizing events, the same provides planning, design, logistics, development, coordination and execution of events; to search premises, coordination and provision of food and beverages, hiring and coordination of personnel for service events.

Our customer profile is usually women and men between 25 and 50 years; We serve people who are interested in having their events are held by experts like us. At the same time, and because it corporate – events, our consumers are generally marketing managers, brand managers and HR staff.

What are the places where we have the greatest impact?

Banks, companies, corporations, galleries, universities, public corporations and private museums, in addition to traditional hotel rooms.

We Audiovisual 25 tons of equipment, 30 projectors, 75 speakers, three miles of wiring and we can attend three major events simultaneously. At the same time, we have capacity to manufacture furniture to suit the needs of each customer, so our winery has woods and supplies needed.

We have accounts like General Electric, one of our most important and recurring customers; Bank of America, who took 10 years to work, and even Coca-Cola also works for brands like Nike, Perry Ellis, Miami Dade, Broward and West Pal Beach

“We prefer working with accounts. We are very meticulous planning, which usually do not organize events with less than one months in advance. This helps us deliver better ideas, to foresee every detail and deliver a final result that leaves completely satisfied customer

Gradually we integrate more services, such as income scenario, lounge furniture type, structures and stands and increase the fleet of our vehicles according to the needs of our customers.

In our case we will constantly trade fairs to learn the latest in technology to our business. The idea is to have the newest before the client requests it and think it was a differentiating factor of our company

We also ensure train staff in their use and do not forget to give preventive and corrective maintenance periodically. we have a liability insurance and equipment insurance. This prevents us problems, considering that the team is an important asset and there is always the risk that someone has an accident during assembly

Finally, we have our private office for our customers. we are in a very central area located at 5560 nw 84 av doral fl 33166

we have the method of mouth or referral ‘, as we enjoy an excellent reputation in the middle that has even opened the doors to work with the state and federal government.