Countdown to the baby shower, what do I do?

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Countdown to the baby shower, what do I do?

Are there still weeks for your baby shower? You can go ahead stuff! Here are some tips so you do not take the time and go over the baby shower as smoothly as possible.

We begin by 8 weeks before (about two months), followed by six weeks, then 4 weeks prior and finally, what to do when they are 2 and 1 week.

8 weeks before the baby shower

Choose the subject as will turn the whole party
Decide the budget
Select the location of the event and looks at available dates
A time last point is clear, save the date and time
Go organizing the guest list and designing and sending the first invitations
Think how long it will last the baby shower (ideally 2 hours)
Choose the menu
If the party is at your house, go thinking how you will organize the subject of food, whether hiring a caterer or making you
Team up with your mother, other family, your husband or friend to help you with the organization
6 weeks before the baby shower

If there are still invited by notice, you can go making
Make a list of essential items of all types: games, accessories for menu, decor, tables, chairs …
Create a list of gifts you need, if a guest asks you
Create another list of gifts, but you are going to offer guests
4 weeks before the baby shower

There you go closing themes! This includes decor, menu, games, activities and gifts
If you do custom caterers, confirm the exact order
If you need flowers for decoration, also make order
2 weeks before the baby shower

List of closed guests! Put the batteries to the laggards
Perfect to buy some extra that you need and that you had in mind when longer missing days
1 week before the baby shower

What to Wear? It’s time to think
¿Hair styling, Makeup? Reserve time to leave you pretty well
Kitchen and frozen dishes that may be making advance
Enjoy and out nerves! You will leave all great

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