Different Types of Tents For Your Event

//Different Types of Tents For Your Event

Different Types of Tents For Your Event

Do you have a celebration and you want to make the party outside; then you will want something to fight off the elements such as a canopy from your local Tent Rental Miami retailer. You are not sure of your choices, although you understand that you will need to have some protection for your visitors from the weather. If you are trying to find the type of tent that will work well for your occasion, search no more.

Party Rentals in Miami specialists have assembled a listing of the most well-known kinds of tents. You’re sure to get the right one that most fits your requirements.

Types of tents

types of tents

Tents get used for several reasons. For instance, for celebrations, carnivals, events, tradeshows, storage, construction, and, much more. Many popular kinds of tents are:

  • Canopy
  • Clear span
  • Pole
  • Sailcloth
  • Clear
  • Marquee

Canopy Tent

canopy tent

If you want a tent that will allow your visitors a place to relax and catch shade while the sun is still hot, get away from a rain shower or a place to store food then get a canopy tent.

Also, it’s simple to dismantle and to set up. This kind of canopy is excellent for birthday parties, beach barbecues, flea market events, or park trips as it has ideal size for most patios.

Clear Span Tents

Clear span tents are for large parties and small ones, too and customized to satisfy your party requirements. These kinds of canopies don’t have any center poles, leaving a large open area available to use.

Usually, space for your visitors, a stage, a dance floor, and, an entertaining area for the band or the musicians. Furthermore, clear span tents could also include floors such as carpeting or wood flooring.

It’s practically a well-made building that allows for sidewalls that could be opened or shut. When there’s a sign of lousy weather clear span tents keep you, the visitors, and, your celebration moving without stress.

The best thing about these tents is there are no center poles. The framework stays on the exterior allowing you to get used of the entire interior space.

Pole Tents

Pole tents could be customized in size and used to house an entire celebration. However, across the middle, they have center poles as it’s the way they obtain their high peaks.

Nonetheless, they need somewhat more space compared to clear span tent, as a result of the staking process. Sidewalls are readily available for these tents.

Sailcloth Tent

salicloth tent

Sailcloth tents are manufactured from, well, sailcloth, although most tents are made from fabric. The fabric makes it possible for light to enter and penetrate the cloth and shine on the occasion. Available in pole tents and frame tents, the sailcloth permits light through the daytime along with a soft shine at night.

It’s necessary to be aware that while the light is permitted to enter sailcloth tents, they are protective against many types of weather and waterproof too.

Clear Tent

If you’re looking to use a tent for an outside celebration that needs protection from the weather along with insects; however, you also desire to view the outdoor scenery or the sun as your backdrop then a clear tent is perfect for you. These work great for nighttime parties as it permits to see the night sky. These tents are accessible with sidewalls too.

We can never know for100 % what Mother Nature has in store on the day of the celebration. So a clear tent makes it possible for you and your visitors to enjoy the outside while looking at rains too.

Marquee Tent

marquee tent

These kinds of tents are constructed using a framework, however, have peaks at the center looking more like a pole canopy. It’s customizable, and set up or dismantled very quickly.

As you can see, there are various types of tents. Therefore, if you’re having a birthday celebration for your children or throwing a party for the holidays, or a wedding, you will find the tent to satisfy your requirements. Finally, remember safety comes always first with tent installations.

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