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Organization of a gay marriage organizer events.

If you are considering leaving the team singles, but I dread all armed, Your Day tells you, step by step, how to organize a gay marriage.

January 6, in the city of Miami became the first city in the southern United States to allow gay marriage. Since then, it is increasingly common to see links gays and lesbians.

But like that happen to heterosexual couples, many doubts were raised as to the organization, location and details. Party Rental 24 hours with Sofia C Ponte, a renowned event planner in Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach, who said all the secrets needed to perform a marriage without equal.

According to the expert and head of Vanguard Events Sofia C Ponte, perform a marriage between homosexuals need the same plans as in the case of a heterosexual marriage. “There is no difference,” he said, but stressed that we must devote the same time to organize.

When devising the ceremony, we must answer two key questions: whether the couple is going to wear white or sport and if you want to make the party in a special place. With those issues resolved, it only remains to organize and establish a plan of action so that everything is perfect.

Another unique situation that occurs in same-sex weddings theme tags. Who gives the bride when it is not and who delivers the bride when there are two. For Sofia, the solution is to create the ceremony as grooms. “The gay links, being relatively new in our country, lack of proprietary protocol religious,” said event coordinator.

Regarding invitations, printers offer a wide range of models. The council is to participate Sofia parents and, being a civil invitation, include the type of clothing that is intended to look the guests (dark for them and dress them short for costume).

Another issue to consider is the dress of the bride and groom. For a wedding day, the Jacket is the perfect dress, but in this case a light or dark suit would be a very good choice. But Sofia explained that if one of the couple chooses a color, it is recommended that the other groom choose the same. For example, both with cream suit.

In the case of a marriage of a couple of women, the expert voted for the white dress. Many brides choose white pants and shirt combination. “It is perfect as there are wedding dresses with truly amazing option pants,” he said.

Beyond the runs, preparations, nerves and emotions, keep in mind that a perfect marriage has no rules. The ideal is to exploit the novelty of this celebration and let your imagination, planning the nuptials tailored to each partner and do what you really like both bride and groom. Undoubtedly, the result will be an unforgettable moment that will forever remain in the memory of lovers.


A year earlier.

* Calculate the approximate number of guests.

* Check our budgets lounges, catering and event organizers.

* Make a sketch of the budget.

* Organize and decided to honeymoon to get promotions (especially in passages).

* If you do not live together, look for a new home.

Six months ago

* Choose civilian witnesses.

* Good looking clothing.

* Get organized the menu and music.

* I opened the gift list.

* I chose an air freshener.

* Instructs the cake.

* Choose producer for photos and video.

Three months earlier.

* Instructs invitations and souvenirs.

* Book wedding night.

* I chose centerpieces, tableware, party favors and equipment needed for the party.

* Hire the shows and animations.

* Arrange an interview with the hairdresser and makeup for testing.

Two months earlier.

* Delivery invitations with place for the gift list.

* Get elected lingerie for the wedding night.

* Star to prepare your nails at least once a week.

A month earlier.

* Do the final test of apparel and confirms the hairdresser and makeup artist.

* Compose thank you cards for gifts and send them as they arrive (optional).

One week before.

* Get the bags moderately organized for the honeymoon.

* Get used to the shoes.

* Pedicure.

* Andá a spa and relax!


Blue, copper, pink gold, pink, nude, gold, mint, light turquoise, fuchsia, white, blue topaz, silver, peach, yellow, mauve, will be the trend this 2015.


CAKE. Ideally identify the couple.

THE TABLES. Garnish with imagination and details. Between the tables should be a space to move.

THE GUESTS. Should feel comfortable when sitting at the table and find people you like and who share similar interests.

TABLE FOR CHILDREN. If many guests children would be convenient to put one or two tables for them, with a menu to suit you and coloring games or riddles.

TABLE OF COUPLES. Must be located in a privileged place, in view of all the guests.

MENU. Times change and lunch or dinner for a wedding. More and more importance is given to the presentation and the food is more light.

ATMOSPHERE. The music, decor and staging are increasingly valued.

THE DANCE. With the dance party begins. then the waltz, we must be aware that there is no perfect holiday for all. In marriages, mixed guests belonging to different generations. So I am pleased tastes of people with older, who are often the first to leave the party, to proceed with the appropriate music for young first.