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Halloween Party Rental Supply Miami

The decoration of a Halloween party depends on your creativity, but there are a number of elements that must not be forgotten. Your guests will be surprised to see the terrifying decorating your sweet home, turned into a house of horrors. For all to come over fear, we explain in simple steps how to decorate your Halloween party.
Start by coating the walls. It is one of the elements that can create major changes in the overall look of your feast. Cover the walls with black and dark fabrics. Also, you can recreate blood splattered on these, just with a little black paint.
Your Halloween party will not be the same without a few spiders and their webs. If you put on dark fabrics, they highlighted more. You can buy the cobwebs at any toy store or costume shop, but you can make them yourself with cotton.
There is necesary to decorate your Halloween party element enlightenment. Cover all light sources with a red scarf to get the effect of warmth. Also, you must put some lighting in strategic areas in the form of candles, candles or pumpkins.

Adorn the table and furniture with traditional Halloween items. You can see how to do it by clicking here.

Also placed on the walls as a decorative element or a paper skeleton tomb, a poster or a pumpkin.

Want to make a Halloween party and surprise your guests with an original dessert? For you get a sense that you’ll love. Besides original is a healthy dessert that consists of bananas and mandarins. I hope you like it!

In un Como we have many more ideas for Halloween recipes.

Grab tangerines and bananas are going to use and scrape out the skin.

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Cut the celery into small pieces that are shaped like a small tronquito.
Enter a piece of celery in the center of the tangerine. You have made a pumpkin!

Cut and peeled bananas in half.

Put them two small chocolate nuggets that will make eyes and a slightly bigger mouth that will make the ghost. If you do not have nuggets can desacer a piece of chocolate bar with a toothpick and paint the eyes and mouth of the ghost.


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Once you’ve done that with all tangerines and bananas, all fruits placed in a tray how we show in the picture above. You’ve already prepared a Halloween dessert super original! What ghosts and pumpkins seem right?

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You need
two chocolate chips or chocolate to melt sizes
serving tray

What’s better on a Halloween party to do a ghost with young children in the house and his friends? Besides spending a fun time with them during the creation of ghost and then while playing with your child, you get to spend the whole afternoon with the kids making a very simple and economical craft. This is an activity you can do in any Halloween party where they have children desire to have fun. Here we explain step by step how you have to do a ghost with a stick.

To make the ghost stick to a Halloween party, you have to have some materials that you can get in your own home. You only need the materials that you see in the image on the left, paper, stick a skewer of meat, a piece of white cloth, a piece of string and a permanent marker.

Make a ball of paper and stick nails. Thinks it is sometimes difficult to cross the role with the bat, especially if the club is very fragile, so if you see that you will not cross the ball of paper, first through the paper with the stick and then make the ball, so all you have left as one piece.

Then you put a piece of white cloth on top of the paper ball and create ghost head. Do it for the most central area of ​​the cloth.

In this step, you tie the rope over the web, to set ghost head. Just make 2 or 3 knots for simple locks. Look at the picture on the left.

Now you have done the ghost, but if you want to make it more real and fun, you can draw the face, making a grimace or whatever you want with permanent markers. In our case we used two colors, black for the eyes and mouth, and red for the tongue. But you can do whatever you like.

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31 in the United States, northern Mexico and some Canadian provinces. In this festival costume parties, jokes, bonfires, haunted houses, etc. are typical In recent years, other countries also celebrate this holiday as indicated and even organize parties at home. If you are thinking of organizing a Halloween party, here’s an idea to decorate your home that will horrify your guests. Here’s how to make scary faces with balloons to decorate your Halloween party.

Take a fluorescent globe.

Inflate and tie a knot.
paint a terrifying face with black permanent marker.

Here we show different sides to do the ones you like. Decorate your home with balloons and your guests will certainly horrified.
The game Mummy Halloween is a fun game for young children, with whom they spend a fun time with all your friends. At Halloween parties for children, it is important to do activities for children are distracted and spend the best time possible with all your friends. This game we propose is very simple to make and inexpensive. All you need is a roll of paper and eager to play. Here we explain step by step how to play the game to wrap the mummy.

To make the game to wrap the mummy on Halloween, you have to get several rolls of toilet paper or paper roll but packing and riding a small circuit.
The circuit in this Halloween game consists of 2 areas, the area to involve children and the other is the arrival area. If possible, make this game but outside or in a fairly large room.
You have to separate the children into teams of two, so that one will be the “wrapper” and the other the “Mummy”.
When all the children are placed in the first zone, accounts up to 3 to start the game. The child “wrapper” gourd whole body of “mummy”, but leaving uncovered the eyes and nose and mouth.
Once you finish the entire roll of paper, you will have to run to the finish line to win the game. Once the game is finished mummy for Halloween, you change the roles of children. Now it was the “Mummy” will be the “wrapper” and the other child upside down.

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