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We serving party rentals and Bounce house Halloween Supply is a time of year that many people love to celebrate. Some even have parties at home and decorate it in a special way. If you live in a house with garden and are preparing a Halloween party we will give you a great idea to decorate your garden. You can prepare a pot very, very original at the same time terrifying. like In this article we explain how to decorate a garden on Halloween.

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Grab some leotards that have old and do not use (it is important to be closed down). If you do not have tights you can use some old pants and sew well for the bottom. Fill them with stones and you see legs giving way. Place them on top of some old shoes that are wide enough to withstand the pants well above them. When you’ve filled in all, placed in the top some flowers to decorate cloth. You already have our first idea for your garden pot Halloween!

Now we do the same but in reverse. Take some old pants and put them face down. To hold back have to introduce two long poles in each of the pant legs and stick them in the ground. Then fill them with straw until the shape of the legs of a person. Finally, two shoes placed at the ends of the sticks. Ideal for your Halloween party!

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You can see the detail of how far you have to fill in the pants. How do you see the straw reaches the end of the trousers and that’s where you have to nail the shoe.

If you have a picture of an animal that no longer use these place it face down into the garden soil burying his head (look at the picture of the dog). If you have no insurance you can find in a store second-hand.

If you put several together trousers seem that your garden is full of dead. Sure you leave your guests speechless! It will be the best decoration for Halloween you’ve ever seen!

The child plays during Halloween parties, are essential for children to spend an evening having fun and enjoying various activities with their friends. So part of what Halloween costumes with to a different party, we’re going to explain some games you can do during this holiday. Many of these games do not require almost no material need to purchase and other objects can even use recycled. If you want to see who can organize games during the Halloween party for the children of the house, read this post.

The piñata game for Halloween
This game for Halloween is one of the most famous worldwide. It can be done in many parties, but is ideal for Halloween, and you can fill the piñata with candy and other related toys this holiday. It is very simple to play this game, you just have to buy a piñata at any costume shop, candy, toys and once at home, hanging from a high place. Then you blindfold a child of the party and give three turns on itself, to lose orientation and can not find the pinata. With the help of a stick, the child will have to try to break the piñata that is hanging. When the piñata breaks everything inside will fall on the floor and the other children can collect candy and toys.
Pumpkin decorating contest
This game or contest is perfect for small children, and you get to spend a fun time and also to sharpen their wits. To do this task, you have to buy several small pumpkins and various materials to characterize the pumpkin as paints, stickers, glitter, accessories, etc. We recommend that you cover the table where children go to work with paper tablecloth or newspapers, so the table is not stained. Also remember that it is an activity for young children and not have to be given to cutting tools empty pumpkin. It is good to have some adults to help children and put a maximum time for homework. For children to make this activity more win, you can prepare different treats for different categories, such as giving a prize for the funniest pumpkin, the more real, the scariest, etc.
Cuckold the Devil
Halloween This game is very similar, if not equal, the typical game of pin the tail on the donkey. All you have to do is buy a drawing of a demon or draw yourself on a blackboard, but of course, make the devil without the horns, as it will be the children who have to put the devil horns. The way is the following, blindfolds the child, give 3 or 4 turns on itself, to finish a little dizzy, and give horns so that the Devil could catch. The child must put the horns on the head of the Devil to win. If you want to see how to make a very similar version but with a pumpkin, click here.
Game wrap the mummy
This game is fun for kids as part makes it much involving, as it is quite competitive. As well the name implies, in this game you have to involve a friend until it looks like a mummy, if you want to see how to play this Halloween game, click here.
Halloween mazes
You can play with the kids to do mazes related to Halloween, you can go online and print mazes with drawings of witches or monsters. What you can do is download mazes with different difficulties and make children make them all, from easy to difficult. What you can do to motivate children to do the mazes, it is to give a gift or candy for each maze to do correctly.
Competition scary stories
The slightly older children, and want to start having a little more adult activities and terrifying! So you can prepare a scary story contest, so that each child has to tell a terrific story. The child who wins this game, there will be explained the history of fear that has gotten more screams. For this contest is scarier, you can acclimate the room with candles and sounds sinister background. If children do not know stories of fear, you can search online stories for the occasion and explain yourself, doing the contest.
Game bite apples
If you have left over a few blocks, you can play Halloween apples for children. It’s a fun game and the kids spend a fun time! You can play in many ways, if you click here, we will explain how to play the game apples to children. If you want to see step by step how to make this game, look at this page.
Monster Hands
If you want to succeed with all the kids, you have to make some monster hands with candies, candy and popcorn. Place a container filled with candy, popcorn and other off a box of latex gloves without cleaner, this will be all you need to create your monster hands for Halloween. Give each child an open glove, to open the best you can do is blow inside. For latex gloves have bizarre forms, fill them with popcorn and candy. We recommend that in the toe area to put the candy and sweets, while in palm rest you put all of popcorn.
Make ghosts
Crafts in kids parties in Halloween is fun for all children and a toy part takes home. Children spend a fun time with friends doing this craft. It is true that there are many things they can do, but one of the simplest is to make a ghost that will stay floating in the air or you’ll do fly around the house.