Making a Surprise Party in Miami and don´t know how to start? Here are some tips for you!

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Making a Surprise Party in Miami and don´t know how to start? Here are some tips for you!

You want to give a surprise party at home for a loved one? Well get to work because this type of celebrations require time, patience and coordination to be kept everything secret. A good tip is to surround yourself with a group capable of secrecy and make the party a real surprise and memorable for the guest of honor.


1. To begin, you must be sure that the honoree person will be comfortable and pleased with the idea of ​​a surprise party. This is basic and fundamental. Not everyone enjoys this kind of celebration, so first and really important is to be clear that the guest of honor will pass it great. If you know the person well, you will not be difficult to know whether it is worth get to organize a surprise party at home.

Start by choosing a date prior to the event, if whether it is a surprise birthday party if made on the same day will not have the same effect because you may be expecting some kind of detail, gift or even a party. When you choose the date, you must ensure that all friends of the guest of honor can go. Do it early enough so people can organize agendas and be available without problems.

2.How to make the party not at home, perhaps you could mislead the special guest saying they could be somewhere that does not raise any suspicion, at a friend’s house, at the bowling alley or at a local bar. That is, choose a place that is as normal as possible for nor imagine that at home will have some surprises. Make sure there is enough space at home to make the party and if not resort home of a friend or relative.

Once you have chosen the site, think about the possibility of a theme party that may be of interest to your guest and all friends. A theme is always fun and encourage more people, people can go disguised, send special invitations and decorate the party area with the selected topic. As the guest of honor will not know the subject, when it comes to the party you’ll blindfold him and give directions to transform and fit into the celebration.

3. You shoul make the selection of guests and here you have two alternatives. You can opt for a nice little meeting friends or a large and huge party. This should think seriously considering the personality of the guest of honor. A small group of people is easier to control, more intimacy, you can talk more, it is less hassle and according to the available space may be more visible.

If you prefer to make the party with many guests, have more difficulties in coordinating the party an
d its dissemination, it will take more space and more resources. seriously think about the possibilities and also people who must be yes or yes at the party, it’s not about you invite to invite must be friends or family to keep a good relationship.

4.You should to talk about the surprise party to each of the guests to absolutely anyone say anything about this to the guest of honor and so that those who have not been invited will not know. It is essential that no one makes plans with the honoree the scheduled day and avoid by all means that information about the party on social networks spreads. To control all this, we must talk of the party with each guest in person or even a personalized email to the record of who you talked. This will avoid the risk of ruining the surprise.

5.You would have to make plans with the guest of honor for that special day stay booked. It is important from reaching the last moment and you have to ask precipitously to stay with you. No matter what you set it, you just have to make sure that is committed to you. And remember all the guests and even non-guests do not plan with honoree because that day is to give the surprise you’re preparing.

Once everyone is advised to proceed with plans and asks a good friend to help you with the entire organization. There are many things to do and so divide the workload. It must be a very special guest close to the person, who knows you well to be motivated, involved and provide good ideas. That person also will handle being with the guest of honor while receiving all friends or relatives at home.

6. Get to work with all supplies, food, drink, costumes and even decor considering the chosen theme. 24 Hours Party Rental has it all for you! When making the party at home, see that everything is well hidden you bought or camouflaged so that the guest does not see it. Leave the food and cake to the last moment so that nothing is spoiled and do not have to give explanations. You could even keep some things in a friend’s house to avoid spoiling the surprise. And the same day of the holiday home you pick your accomplice to start mount everything without the guest-house. The night before reconfirms with all who come to the party to avoid unexpected, can do so by email, through a group of WhatsApp or even call to have final confirmation. And remind them to come dressed and with the right accessories for themed surprise party.

7.The day surprise party just have to prepare, decorate and buy enough food for all the guests enough time if your guest is presented by surprise. It is important that people have been more than timely to make them all when you arrive. Lean on your accomplice to bring you things that are missing or have some guests with some special object to welcome the honoree. Now we just wait for the honoree arrives with an accomplice, when between someone should blindfold him and take him to a room to be dressed up and then enjoy the surprise. Good Luck!




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