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Movie Projectors rentals

Weddings, birthdays, parties, movie nights in the back of your house, see the classic Sunday with friends … Renting a projector is the best way to make those encounters are unique!
project onto any flat wall surface or hire a projection screen, connect the projector to your LCD TV or Direct TV cable, game console (PlayStation, Xbox, etc) and audio connections with simple connection to your stereo. This should give you a picture of actual size and quality at home.

Audiovisual equipment rental.

AV Projectors are dedicated to service projectors rental, rent plasma screens – LED, rent projection screens, sound rent, car speakers, interactive projection for both businesses and individuals who need a presentation of work , conferences, meetings, spend on a wedding video, see a movie like I was at the movies, playing video games all big or any other event that needs or requires audiovisual material.

Audiovisual Production

We specialize in producing all kinds of audiovisual events, such as fairs, conventions, presentations, meetings, conferences, private parties, weddings, karaoke, press conferences.

We manage and plan all types of events, offering services of various kinds according to your preferences and characteristics of the act, improving its budget.
In addition we provide everything needed to conduct the event, accessories and projection screens, speakers, pagers, plasma, wireless microphones, signal distributors, players, and even technicians who install it in place without moving, and everything with the maximum guarantee and satisfaction offered by AV Projectors.
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How do I rent a projector?

Contact us through our website or call us at 305-300-4940, 786-426-2753, 754-244-8007

I need a fast a Movie Projectors. How fast they can send me?

If you are in office hours, delivery is immediate. You can delay the time it takes from start to reach your office. Whenever possible, we prefer to supply us in a couple of days in advance, we can also organize the logistics and lower costs as much as possible.

What is the rental period?

The time you need it. to specify us from when and to when and we’ll send it and retired. For example, if you need a projector for Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. Wednesday we ship same or even an hour before we can send you on Tuesday at the last minute and I’ll retire at the end of the event.

If I reserve a projector but then decide I do not need it? What I have to pay the same?
If the projector came’ll charge you the price for a day rental. That if you have to return it the same day it received to avoid further charges.

When payment is made for the car?

Without exception, you pay at the time of delivery. Otherwise we will not leave the unit.

How is the policy of damaged Movie Projectors equipment?
Our policy of damage is: BREAKING THE pays. If you break it, you got to pay no exceptions. If the projector is lost or stolen at your own risk, we charge the full value of the equipment including remote control, carrying case and cables.
Since you deliver it until we the projector is under your sole responsibility.

What if I return late the projector?
If you got the projector in addition to the agreed days, we’ll charge for each extra day.

What do you charge for shipping?

If you ask with time and on Capital Federal, shipping is free. If sending urgent Viaticum corresponding charged according to each case.

What if I have trouble installing the Movie Projectors?

We have simplified the process including an instructional delivery connection where you explain how to connect the computers. We also offer free telephone support if you have any other problems. Do not worry, we will help you properly configure the projector.

Where you can project the image?
We recommend using the Movie Projectors screen. It is a great choice for any event.You can also create your own Movie projectors. The most used form is a white wall or white sheet taped to the wall. Another idea could use a white board or a white canvas.

My presentations have sound. How do I fix this?
If you got a stereo with auxiliary input (AUX) can connect to your audio equipment. If you got no stereo, we have a baseline of sound and professional line. Depending on the case, Order a budget.