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Also we serving in Doral right now is one of the most ebullient cities of Miami. Many Latinos live in it; It is the Venezuelan community, they say, has become a “second Caracas”. One of the streets is named in honor of the famous Venezuelan singer Jose Luis Rodriguez “El Puma”

Actually one of the big advantages is that Doral is near the Miami International Airport, which separates only a mile.

Many Venezuelans who immigrated to the United States, fleeing the regime “chavista” Miami began in import and export business. For them it was easy to live near where they worked and so began the Doral resonate stronger and acquire more residents, until in 2003 became a city and was incorporated as such.

The Doral early date back to 1950 when Alfred and Doris Kaskel bought 400 hectares between 2000 36th Street NW and 74th Street NW, and from 79 Avenue NW to 117 Avenue NW, in order to build a golf course and a hotel; project achieved in 1962 inaugurated the Doral Golf Resort & Spa. They called Doral because they did a combination of Alfred and Doris.
This club rang out as the first open golf tournament Doral Open Invitational was held in 1964

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Years later the grandchildren of the company developed Doris Lennar to build houses in this area and that was a great success.

Groups of young families began to populate the area.

In 1989 they began to build gardens, roads, service improved lighting and even a police force was created

In 1996 the first election of the Community Council was held in January and 20023 were held an election. It was then that the inhabitants of Doral voted in favor of establishing an independent local government.
In June 92% of the population said yes to the Constitution of the city elected its first mayor and City Council members.

Already in 2000 the census showed that the population was 20,438 inhabitants. By 2008 there were 39,011 people, of which over 67% were Latino. In the 2010 census it showed that there were 45 704 people living in the Doral. Of the total of that population over 79% were Hispanic and more than 20% of these Hispanics were from Venezuela, followed by Colombian origin totaling more than 14%.
Many consider the Doral, who jokingly refer to him as “Dorazuela” (mixture of Doral and Venezuela) is an ideal place to raise children and live in a family site.

. For his part, Doral boasts of being an epicenter of trade and encourage economic investment, why they say it is a “friendly city for business.” Juan Carlos Bermudez, mayor of Doral, thus described the advantages of doing business: “First is that property taxes and others here in Miami Dade County and here in Doral are the lowest. Second, the community is very diverse, bilingual, trilingual in some cases, 77 nationalities converge here and have 4 of the 10 largest Hispanic corporations in the United States. The third is the education of our residents: they are of where the level is quite high, many have graduate degrees, are engineers, lawyers, doctors, etc. and finally, we’re in the middle of Miami Dade County, near the International airport but also close to Broward County. ” Among the businesses listed in the directory of Doral, listed 702 import and export companies, distribution 585 and 200 wholesale companies charge.