Party Rental Hialeah

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We serve the entire population of Hialeah with our rental party.

The City of Hialeah is the sixth city in size of Florida and serves more than 224,000 residents about 20 square miles.

Hialeah is located in the heart of Northwest Dade and has great access to major roads (I-75, Palmetto Expressway, Florida Turnpike, US 27, Okeechobee Road). Hialeah you are about 20 minutes away from anywhere in the county. It borders Hialeah Opa-Locka, Miami and Miami Lakes and has direct access to Opa-Locka Airport and Miami International Airport. Hialeah has Miami Metro rail stations and Tri-Rail / Metro rail Transfer. The City also offers its own bus services that complement the transport services the city and facilitate the movement of residents to their workplaces.

The Cuban presence in Hialeah is relatively new when compared with other places like Key West and New York; however, we have no doubt that the Cuban city that exists, even that cities and towns in Cuba itself, is Hialeah.

During the decades of 1960-1980 one can say that the Little Havana or South Miami, was the capital of the Cuban exile. In those days there was a large colony in New Jersey, one in Los Angeles and many other scattered smaller by virtually all United States. Hialeah also already had many Cubans, but no Cuban colony was like South Miami. Most newcomers trying to stay in Little Havana or as close as possible.

After these decades many Cuban families on their arrival in Cuba had settled in Little Havana were dispersed to other parts of the county, some members of such families preferring other counties in the State of Florida and even moved to other other states. The vacated space was not occupied by other Cubans but for migrants from other Latin American countries and even those neighborhoods of the City of Miami has never lost its appeal, itself has been eroding the Cuban identity in places. Miami still has a large Cuban community, and if we add the non-integrated areas of Miami-Dade County is definitely very big, but not compact, which makes it less attractive to those who keep coming to Cuba every day.

Cubans who settled in Hialeah, as opposed to Little Havana, did not move with time. Cuban colony of Hialeah has grown a lot, but does not spread, it expands to convert rural land in urban unaffected Cuban identity of the oldest neighborhoods. Instead of moving to a bigger house, they make their bigger houses and stay in the area they know. Hialeah, since the Cuban colony was established, it has only been a Cuban city every day.

When visiting a city or town in Cuba, except for Havana, the vast majority of people are born and raised in that city or town. Then the customs and festivals are common to all or at least most, of the population. In Hialeah, like in all other Cuban colonies, there are Cubans from all over Cuba, only in Hialeah are revelers and cheery. As every birthday and celebrate all the saints are turned on his candle in his day.

Take a turn or attend any party in Hialeah is like spending a little while in an imaginary Cuba, where in the midst of all the advances and comforts of the moment the Cuban joy is the norm while enjoying the wealth of a city that has prospered without interruption for more than forty years, who knows, perhaps the Cuba of tomorrow be like Hialeah?

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