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Party Rental Kendall, Florida, is a suburb of Miami that offers all the amenities of a metropolitan city in a peaceful setting. Kendall is a community class that brings good shopping, schools and restaurants for those looking for a more family-oriented place to live but in turn want to be near the business districts of Miami and nightlife get a better house for your money.

Location: Dixie Highway to the turnpike between Sunset Drive and 104th Avenue

A long and bustling middle-class community that has experienced extraordinary growth in recent years.

A popular place for a family. Traffic and schools are overcrowded.

Kendall, along with much of the area south of Miami has stayed out during the recent mortgage crisis and continues to have low levels of inventory, increased initial prices and a significant investment and will probably remain one of the strongest real estate markets for future fluctuations.
A short distance from downtown Miami and South Beach, Kendall residents could not ask for a better combination of quiet life, quiet, with lots of excitement nearby. However, Kendall has many own stores also with extensive Dadeland Mall next to the Metrorail station. Here you will find the largest Macy’s in Florida, as well as The Cheesecake Factory and Nordstrom stores. Many may recognize this mall for his role in Chuck Norris movies and Alec Baldwin.

Who lives in Kendall? Many Spanish speakers are drawn to Kendall, with over 52% of residents with Spanish as their mother tongue. Crime is low here and the residents have a median household income of $ 13,000 above the state average.

Party Rental Kendall malls, affordable and reliable.

Dadeland Mall
It is one of the oldest shopping centers in Miami and why a standard shopping in this city. Although many others have built “malls,” this has not gone out of fashion and is as valid as 40 years ago. This is because it is located in a strategic location between US1 and Kendall and maintains its freshness. The stores “anchors” that is the main ones, Saks, Macy’s, JCPenney and Nordstrom. Now they have built a few meters away, a second commercial center called “Dadeland Station” which is also part of Dadeland complex with stores like Target, Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond and Sports Authority. The odds of dating a shopping bag in this complex is almost certain.

The Falls
This outdoor mall is Dadeland style but with a modern twist. It has fountains and water everywhere, hence its name in Spanish means “the falls”. As the area of ​​South Miami became fashionable and many families decided to move to this area, a little further away but where they could enjoy holiday with great garden and even tennis courts, was the need to provide a cross Trade in tune with this audience.