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Party Rentals and Bounce house in the island of Key Biscayne 10 minutes from downtown Miami, they have done for two reasons; the famous Seaquarium found on entry and cited because each spring the best players in the world in a tournament, attended by personalities from all five continents are given.

However, few know that this island with small-town soul, is unique in the security offered and the quality of life it provides to families living there.

Key Biscayne is easy to see children walking the streets at all hours of the day. Small and teenagers stroll and gather in small groups of friends in establishments and restaurants and walk safely, without supervision, until late at night.
Many say that this island is the Disney of Miami for freedom that children have.

The island has only one supermarket, which is equivalent to the town square, since by force, everyone at some point has to go through there and where residents often greet and chat for a while, given the daily contact.

It is true that for adults not much to do in this island paradise and once the sun sets, the only entertainment outside the home, is to go to one of the international restaurants on the island, or go to one of three small, uninhabited bars. This limitation does, that those who choose to live in Key Biscayne more than anything, families with young children or teenagers.

The city of Key Biscayne, located between two surrounded by beautiful and tranquil beaches and national parks Bill Baggs Crandon Park and offers every sport imaginable, both maritime and land. It has a golf course, tennis courts, marinas, reefs, swimming pools and bicycle paths and rollerblading.

From early morning you can see cyclists in large squads that enter the island to take advantage of the slope of Key Biscayne great bridge that connects it to the mainland.
There are also many residents who come to work out since dawn, either running, walking, biking or doing calisthenics in the central park.
This park has witnessed the large diurnal motion of the island, vibrating from morning until the sun goes down. In the afternoon small and old gather to play sports in this, the heart of Key Biscayne, while shouts of children playing in the adjoining fuss part of the park where the city of Key Biscayne is shining joy swings and games for the vast children.

However in recent years, living in Key Biscayne is a luxury and this contrasts with their humble origins.

The development of Key Biscayne had its beginning in the fifties. The Mackle brothers were their major drivers numerous basic building houses known as Mackles of only 1,200 square feet (about 111 square meters) with three rooms, a bathroom and a porch.
These houses were sold to retirees and families, mostly veterans of the Second World War. In that period Key Biscayne offered the cheapest homes around Miami. After all Key Biscayne was an island full of mosquitoes, away from Miami with only a small drawbridge and with a high probability of flooding.

Since November 1968, however, the history of real estate in Key Biscayne changed forever with the arrival of the US president Richard Nixon. President Nixon in Key Biscayne established its “Winter White House” also known as “The White House Florida,” which became a focus of international attention.
Since then, with the construction of a new high bridge in 1980 Mackle modest houses have been replaced by massive buildings both large multi-storey houses and luxury apartment complexes that has populated the island, raising the price dramatically.

Some of its inhabitants believe that this change threatens to rob this little island that special small town character with exquisite taste multinational. Others think that Key Biscayne is poised to be The Hamptons Miami.