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We serving party rental and bounce house rental in the town of Cutler Bay, covers 26.51 square kilometers, has 40 286 inhabitants (2010 census) and a density of 1519.65 inhabitants per square kilometer. The average height is 1 m.
The current mayor is Edward Cutler Bay Mac


Just off Old Cutler Road is the gated community of Old Cutler Bay. Established in the early years of the 1960, this exquisite coastal community has 136 properties along the water with lots of designs surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. Many traditional properties have been luxuriously renovated. The most modern homes, many of them built to suit the owner, have been designed with creative Spanish and Mediterranean styles and the finest finishes. All these splendid properties that are found in Old Cutler Bay, whether traditional or modern, are seated on the edge of the water and include private berths for boats with immediate access to the open Atlantic.

Old Cutler Bay is an amazing community that represents sophistication and elegance for which he is renowned Coral Gables, “The Marvelous City”. Historic sites and attractions are conveniently preserved through this city. Matheson Hammock Park and Marina, visible from most parts residences in the south of Old Cutler Bay, is awash in natural scenery and trails. Also nearby is the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, the historic Deering Estate at Cutler and prominent shops, restaurants and boutiques in Miracle Mile and the Village at Merrick Park.

A look at the history of Cutler Bay

Cutler Bay and its most notable monuments are rich in the history of South Florida. Here are some interesting facts about the area and its treasures are presented:

The area covers 9.7 square kilometers. About the limits are: on the north by SW 184 Street (Eureka Drive) from the Florida Turnpike to Biscayne Bay, in the West from SW 184 Street after US 1 to SW 112 (Allapattah Road) and then along SW 126 (Hanlin Mills Drive), on the south by SW 216 Avenue and along the historic Old Cutler Road, turn right on SW 224 Street to the east Biscayne Bay to the eastern border follows the coastline of Biscayne Bay from SW 184 Street to SW 224 Street.

Cutler Ridge’s history began in the 1870s when William C. Cutler visited the area and fell in love with her. Dr. William C. Cutler was the main doctor of medicine and surgery in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Native Americans living in South Florida and then referred to the enclosure area Great Hunt. It was officially part of the grant awarded to Dr. Henry Perrine Perrine in 1838. Dr. Cutler bought a set of 600 acres of land for $ 1.25 an acre and wanted to establish a plantation of fruits and vegetables.

The only friends of Dr. Cutler Become a permanent resident was William Fuzzard. On his first trip to the area in 1882, twenty years old, William stayed in Coconut Grove, while exploring the area. He returned in 1883, creating a tent before building a wooden house with two floors. One of the major contributions of the area Fuzzard Mr. Cutler was the road through the desert.

The road, which was eventually expanded into a wagon trail, went from Coconut Grove home. This road was the beginning of what is now called Old Cutler Road. He ran north from the house Fuzzard, went east and joined what is now Coral Reef Drive, the road Fuzzard was declared a public road in 1895. What was once the route taken by the white mule of Fuzzard, Samson, it became the beginning of what is now the state highway historic Old Cutler Road.

This Cutler Road, which follows the somewhat altered course, was declared Historic Highway of State in May 1974 by the Florida Legislature.

It really was not until Mr. David Blumberg began developing the land Cutler Ridge tail became an organized community. In early 1950 Blumberg and his partner, Joe Segal, head Walter Blumberg convinced him to sell 1,400 acres of undeveloped land. Blumberg this area actually named after Dr. Cutler and limestone ridge where the country is.

The first housing development rose in 1954 and Cutler Ridge Mall opened in 1960. Street names come in Cutler Ridge holiday and visited ports of call Mr. Blumberg as a sailor.

The area around the mall was called Seminole Plains. What is now Lakes by the Bay was called Lincoln City on the streets and parks were placed in October Black Point was the first post office south of Cutler, opening February 15, 1904.

In the winter of 1904-1905, Wilford B. Focht reached Cutler and stayed at the Richmond Inn He was a cousin of Mr. John H. Earhart, who owned 2,000 acres, including a small farming community called Franjo, after Earhart and John his brother, Francis. Franjo Road (SW 97th Avenue) owes its name to this community.