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Pipes, Drapes & Curtain Rental Miami Broward & West Palm Beach.

PIPES Drapes Rental Miami, Broward and West Palm beach, Affordable, Reliable Service

First of all a good base. Tubes and curtains
start with bases to 62 lbs 6 lbs vary depending on the
height and weight of the curtain. If necessary we bags
sand for safety and stability.
Then we offer a selection of vertical posts with close
adjustable insurance comprising from 2 “to 24” tall. Posts
normal vertical non-adjustable canopies are also available for
events and short walls.

Affordable Pipes Drapes Rental plus Hundreds of Curtains Included in price.

How wide you want the horizontal bar?
Each room is different and we offer a variety of
supports horizontal poles ranging from 2 “to 16” wide. The
size required depends on the space and the type of curtain.
Once it has been established that support is to be used, the
Selected curtain can easily place
TV with more than 50% breadth With 100% more breadth


Allows the curtain
no width falls
nor any
It covers 1: 1.5 radio
50 “cover 75”
cloth. Allows
extension of the curtain
looks better looking.
It covers 1: 2 radio
50 “are covered 100”
cloth. Allows
extension of the curtain
looks great.
It means the technique in which the fabric is attached; either cooked or just
more material is added; to cover the space well. Extension
curtain gives better appearance breaking the outline of a
allowing simple curtain fitter and light absorption.


Our Drape curtain panels are made at the highest
level, using the highest quality fabrics that are retardant
fire, available in a variety of colors and styles, made
with reinforced stitching and constructed with great attention to detail
ensuring high strength and durability.
• Options finished at the top with tube pockets,
hidden lines and Velcro fastening
• pockets with Velcro for pipe
• Normal Ruedo sides of 1 “to 2” (2.5cm to 5cm) (except veil
• Option bottom hem for pipes and weights
• Option thick tape with rings
• Washing machine with minimal shrinkage to maintain shape and
size (except transparent veil)
• Available in all sizes requested by the client
OUR OFFER drapery panels: