Play Bubble Soccer in Miami!

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Play Bubble Soccer in Miami!

Play bubble soccer in Miami!


24 Hours Party Rentals have bubble machines, bubble balls for you to play in your party.

Sport and laughter go hand in hand in the new practice imported from Norway, Bubble Soccer. This mode is an innovative way to fight the ball, which shows a fun face sport star in our country.

It is to play football inside an air pump. The ball is formed by a pot holders, as a kind of backpack and a bag. The best thing about this is that there are no rules. Only goal is to put, there is no fault or leave. Just have fun. ”

Once participants donned each bubble is left to one side the ambition to win and covered entertainment environment, which is the cornerstone of the Bubble Soccer.

24 Hours Party Rental offers this service and has a great identity: comfort. It is they who move all the material to where they want to hire and bear the costs of field rented and transfer, can play from a minimum of 8 people to a maximum of 14.

The only material that you have is comfortable clothes, and looking forward to doing sport. This point is key, because although it does not involve an ambitious competition, resistance is indispensable to hold a party with just air and carrying the weight of the bubble, “which is 10 or 15 kl”

The stress of not being beaten, battered and as a result, is alive keeps the game fun THROUGHOUT. You can run after the ball, but When You Least Expect your Opponent will throw Against the rubber. DESPITE the shock, injury is very difficult to be inside an air pump and, Although the fall is inevitable is completely damped.

Any kind of person can compete in a game of this caliber, regardless of age, sex or professionalism. Just can not play with pregnant women or those who suffer injuries of any kind which is contraindicated one cardio activity. This practice is ideal to experience with friends and live a day of sport feeling new experiences.

Call us now and make your reservation to start having fun!

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