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If you are organizing an event or presentation, designing a stand, preparing a trade show, or has a point of demonstrating product cover, you need to represent your brand counters and reception attendees.

In palate Events We specialize in designing bar counters and Portable bars to suit your needs and also have numerous standardized products and if you prefer to rent for a few days or unwilling to invest in the purchase of specific products.

We have different kind or Portable bars From simple folding portable counter PVC cartel until curved counters with floating shapes, sliding doors, shelving accessories, totems and built cabinets, customization back lit areas, in short whatever your imagination can conceive we build.

A touch of elegance, functionality and distinction to your events incorporating any of our counters with textile accessories, and our screens with interior lighting to divide spaces providing ideal amplitude.

We have a wide range of equipment that will sure to please every need that arose him. We have a wide range of colors, please contact us, we can probably create counters and screens with the corporate colors of your company. Can not find what you want among the products that we offer, please contact us, we may, at this point, we do not have information about it published.

Portable Bar counters of different sizes back lit

Car back lit bar counter to personalize with the corporate logo or slogan of the company and highlight your brand in fairs and events both day and night outside or inside.

Rent bars bar products with the measures you want, possibility of interior lighting. Bar These bars are built in aluminum and cellular poly carbonate, making them a light but strong bars.

If you want your brand stand out in a major event, do not hesitate to hire a back lit bar bar.

Rent bars in aluminum, wood and plastic and finished fabrics of different colors or with customer personalization, our bar counters are specially designed to fit any space, leaving an interior space ideal for installing racks and top opening all kinds of equipment.

Ideal for cocktails and fancy parties, and all types of concerts and festivals, have the possibility of finishing the ends curved or air endings that are off the ground. Maximum design minimum space once dismantled occupy a minimum area, which makes them ideal for traveling events allies, points or tasting tours and concerts merchandising, promotion points or point of sale.

Our LED lighting systems also allow, focus quickly on the counter for customers to locate or see the information presented immediately to access the place where they are. Do not be concerned by the measures, we can manufacture and adapt to any of your needs.

Our new textile finish, makes our bar counters in a greener product, more ability to integrate with your corporate color or the predominant colors of the event and especially to customize 100% of the front surface side bars with pictures or logos customer information with the possibility to highlight illuminate more retro.

Bar bars that we indicate below are only standardized solutions for example, but if you have an idea or specific need, please contact us.

Car pinewood bar, ideal for a rustic or country to events outside or inside touch. Rent pine bars fairs, gondolas and craft stalls.

Counter quick and easy, useful for multi-day events in which you have to assemble and disassemble repeatedly mounting bar.

This folding wooden desk is made only by pine wood panels, joined by hinges