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Portable dance floor Party Rental.
For over 10 years we have rented this prestigious dance that has become a benchmark in the sector. Each panel wooden parquet 1 x 1 feet feet weighs only 9 pounds and is protected by a sturdy aluminum edge ensures maximum durability. This track has a system of assembly with screws and a unique helical thread that ensures and protects the screws to lengthen its life.

Dance Floor Rental Miami , Broward and West Palm Beach.

Portable Dance Floor installation.

our dance floor parquet uses only the best quality and ensures the symmetry of each panel for easy assembly and disassembly. In addition, the back of each panel is coated with a high quality polymer that acts as a protective barrier against moisture.

The edge has a slight inclination of 11 ° to each track and and a width of 127mm, and its excellent design allows guests to perceive clearly the edge of the track.

If we assume that only 1/3 of your guests will dance, the number of dancers who appear in the table correspond to
33% of attendees.

Track size panels Number of Number Number of dancers.

 6’x9′ (183cm X 274cm)  6  12
 9’x9′ (274cm x 274cm)  9  18
 9’x12′ (274cm x 366cm)  12  24
 9’x15′ (274cm x 457cm)  15  30
 12’x21′ (366cm x 640cm)  28  56
 15’x18′ (457cm x 549cm)  30  60
 15’x21′ (457cm x 640cm)  35  70
 15’x24′ (457cm x 732cm)  40  80
 15’x27′ (457cm x 823cm)  45  90
 18’x24′ (549cm x 732cm)  48  96
 18’x27′ (549cm x 823cm)  54  108
 18’x30′ (549cm x 914cm)  60  120
 21’x27′ (640cm x 823cm)  63  126
 21’x30′ (640cm x 914cm)  70  140
 21’x33′ (640cm x 1006cm)  77  154
 27’x27′ (823cm x 823cm)  81  162
 24’x33′ (732cm x 1006cm)  88  176
 30’x30′ (914cm x 914cm)  100  200
 30’x33′ (914cm x 1006cm)  110  220