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In 24 Hours party rental we give some Tips and technics on Climbing Walls


Improve your climbing ability. You can advance quickly in their ability and capacity to practice some techniques.

Better Balance. Improve your balance and you will improve your climbing ability. There are several exercises to improve balance. Put several beams on earth. then put in an overlapping pattern. Stand and swing your self on the beam. Walk in the beams after the pattern. Walk gently with your hands on your side.


Improve foot placement. Use your feet properly is an important technique to master climbing. If your feet make noise when you move up, it is an indicator that you need to improve your technique for foot placement. If most of your falls occur in your feet that slide, this is also an indicator that you need to improve your technique for foot placement.


Exercises to improve foot placement:

Go through quietly. Imagine you are walking on eggs. Walk carefully and deliberately. Put your foot once and do not move. Pay attention to the sound of her feet. Your feet should not make sounds. Rise gently. This slope movement of your body. All movements should be smooth. Do not dive, do not release, or jump. The smooth momentum should take the position to position.

The balance center. Keep your balance on your feet. Do not raise her arms, use your legs. Use only your arms to steer its momentum.

Knee drop. Turn one hip to the wall. The closest knee broken down. This technique of climbing move its center of gravity toward the wall. With its center closer to the wall gravity becomes possible to climb almost vertical surfaces.


Dynamic movement. This technique is necessary if you can not reach the next position grip. If necessary skip to the next position, use a technique called dynamic movement. Even the dynamic movement should be smooth. Take advantage of the momentum to carry her body. Move your body gently away from the direction of the next position; then gently and powerfully jump to the next position. Concentrece in the grip. The grip is the goal. Jump and fly toward the target. No tripping over the wall. One or two hands must grip the wall at the apex of the arch. Feet should go over the wall at specific points. Put your feet firmly and deliberately. Do not hit the wall.

High pass. Put your feet up to waist level and push up. This technique is useful when no lower foot position can not be found.


Jam. This technique is done with a crack. “Getting stuck” your fingers or fist into a crevasse, and twist it. The twisting motion creates pressure and friction. This action keeps his fist into the crack. Use the friction of his fist against the rock as hand grip.

Reclinaje. Place your fingers into a crack or a vertical grip. Tilt your weight off your back with your arms straight. Put your center of gravity in front of you at the time pampers you lean back. Pull with your hands and turn in an upward direction. While he is keeping a hand in this position, to reach the other arm until the next handshake.

This also brings the center of gravity close to the wall. Raise your legs to the location of the grip, and hook your heel on the top. The rubber heel shoe climbing stick to grip.


Climbing types.

Bouldering. This way up is done without the strings. The height is usually not more than 4 meters high above the ground.

Leader. Lead climbing requires a rope and a companion. As the climber ascends to shorten in to the wall. When the climber falls, he falls just over twice the distance he is on the anchor.

Superior rope. Climber mate controls the rope from the ground. This is the safest way up. When the climber falls partner locks the rope in the belay device. The rope stops the climber fall. The distance of the fall of the climber is generally one meter. This is due to the slack in the rope, due to rope stretch.

Climbing Interior. It provides an opportunity for climbers to train all year, or during bad weather. The walls are artificial. Indoor rock climbing provides people to learn to climb in a safe and supervised place.

Help. Plan to climb using the technique of aid climbing.

Mountainismo. This is a combination of vertical hiking and climbing ropes. The mountaineer should know and master many skills. This type of climbing combines the skills of other forms of climbing.

Ice. This way up occurs on ice and snow. It is a form of mountaineering. specific equipment and ability to climb on ice is required.

Alone. this type of climb is done without the protection of a rope or a partner. This is not considered bouldering. Solo climbing is similar to mountaineering. However the climbing activity ends only (alone).

Great Wall. The “cliff climbing” is similar to mountaineering with the exception that the entire activity is in the vertical surface of the rock.

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