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What is a summer camp. Choosing a camp.

We have always believed that the camps are a good choice for holidays of our children but do we choose well? Will they be safe? Do our children to adapt? How to choose one or the other? Here we bring you some guidelines for the decision is the right one, but first of all we must be clear if we want a city with intensive one camp or overnight.

Age for Summer Camps.

We must keep in mind the age of our children when it comes to opt for the type of camp. Activities should be appropriate for each age group and for the possibilities and skills of our children.

Theme and activities of Summer Camps.

Currently there are many types of camps: sports, languages, mountain, water, etc. This is the holiday of our children, so we consult with them what kind of activity they want more within our means. It is convenient to consider the program of activities, which will bring pace and better not have much free time, the children have fun doing activities.

Organizers of Summer Camps.

Confidence comes to organizers, school councils, associations know, the fact of sending your child to camp with close people and is known as a guarantee of peace. It is important to reference monitors that will ensure the safety of your child while in the camp. Make sure the number of monitors is enough to serve enrolled children.

Diet or menus offered at Summer Camps.

If the camp is all day or one where the child will sleep there maybe the menu will be something you want to consider. Create a list with all your questions or concerns regarding the menu and consultation with the organizers. Some questions that you may have are: Do diets for allergic children? Do they eat all children in the camp together? Will they age? Are monitors watching children eat all their food? How to encourage children to finish their dishes? Do they “forced” to terminate all or they “forgive” anything?

Emergencies and drugs:

If your child has to take medicine every day as if it gets bad in the camp itself it is important to know how the organizers to act when giving medicines as facing an emergency. Make sure you know that measures taken in case of an emergency, to take steps that nursing services are in the same camp and to hospitals or health centers come when there is an emergency. Did you always call parents to alert emergency or there is any situation in which no names? Make a list of doubts and questions.

Facilities for Summer Camps.

Depending on the type of camp you want to attend our children we have to fix on different aspects of the facility, but common to all who have enough bathrooms for the number of children camped, an indoor dining room and a multipurpose room or area cover for rainy days. Of course, we look good in that are appropriate fulfilled the requirements of security facilities.

Summer Camp Duration.

We must also assess the duration of the camp, there are 7, 10, 15 days or 1 month. Think if it is the first time you separate best to start with a few days. You’ll see as the next want more.

Our kids are going to go camping to enjoy yourself, knowing that we have chosen the best option for them. Those days become unforgettable days that will also contribute to realization, stimulating their responsibility, promoting their autonomy and learning to live with other children. Virtues like order and fellowship reach their true magnitude.