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Baby Showers With 24 Hours Party Rentals

Baby shower with 24 Hours Party Rentals   We have for you some tips to make that baby shower you want, some tips that will serve you much help. Who should organize the party?   Normally, a darling of the future mother be responsible for organizing the baby shower. According to the formal rules of [...]

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Best Baby Shower Planner Ever

I am the best Baby Shower Planner in Miami, and Broward. Hello!, my name is Sofia C Ponte. Mom, designer parties and businesswoman. I started this store in 2009 when many did not know yet what it was a baby shower. Throughout these years, we have been looking for, importing, creating and innovating with quality [...]

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Who makes a Baby Shower

Who organizes the baby gift shower usually moms who take the initiative to organize a baby shower, and they are generally assigned to manage it, but organize a baby shower is no easy task. Who is organizing a baby shower should be aware that involves a commitment of many hours as it is an event [...]

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