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The city of West Palm Beach is located in Palm Beach County south of Florida. Its population exceeds 100 000 inhabitants and the Latino community represents 23% of all residents. It is one of the three most important cities in the south of the state and the oldest in the region, two years before Miami having joined in November inevitably 1894
Es associate the name of West Palm Beach with a heavenly place, where it goes to rest and vacation. It has gained fame thanks to its nice beaches and magnificent view of the coast. However, the city has its own story yes, a peculiar history.

West Palm Beach, a city in Palm Beach County, was founded in 1894 by the famous investor Henry Flagler.
The city was founded as a community to house workers and service people working for Flagler in two large hotels in Palm Beach.
The original name was miami.

Flagler wanted the streets carry the names of plants. Hence the name of Clematis Street, famous today for being a center of art and festivities.
On November 5, 1895, he held a vote among residents (77-1) to incorporate the city of West Palm Beach.

After enjoying tremendous growth in the 1920s, the boom declined to be hit by two hurricanes and abbots feel like the rest of the country of the Great Depression.
In the 1960s, growth was again affected by crime and racial tensions.

From the 1970s he returned to emerge, thanks to luxurious buildings, such as the luxurious Trump Plaza building (1985), owned by tycoon Donald Trump.
West Palm Beach is home to the Palm Beach International Airport, a modern less than 10 minutes from downtown or city center building.
The city also hosts the Palm Beach Post newspaper, founded in 1908 under the name The Palm Beach County.
The first TV station came to town in 1953.

West Palm Beach is now the Palm Beach County’s largest community, and the county seat.

West Palm Beach, with its sunny skies, nearly perfect all year round and cultural offerings and varied activities outdoors, it is ideal for a weekend getaway site. Play golf at one of the pristine courses in the area or go to the beach to soak up the sun and relax with your favorite book